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Exceptional Film Interiors to give you some New Year inspiration...

Is it just me that watches films in awe of the set design? Thought so! Not only that but if I'm listening to certain music I pretend I'm the cast member in my own film....I'm not the only insane one that does this, my friend Leni does it too, except she has a bicycle with a basket on the front and probably pretends she's cycling through Paris! Must be something to do with our creative personalities?

Anyway, it's fair to say I have a little obsession with Interior design, and film, so I thought I'd share some of my very favourite sets with you. Watching ALL of them, (lets call it market research,) is a must.

1. Tom Fords 'A single Man.' A 1960's Mad Men style interior, quite a masculine look, but check out Julianne Moore's apartment! Super cosy and that half moon sofa and fur rug is to die for. As is her bedroom & vanity area...

2.Great Gatsby. The opulent interiors are to die for. I can't decide if I want to live in Gatsby's place or Myrtle's apartment!! I'll take one of each please!

3. Amelie. I want that bedroom!! Serious interior envy...just look how snug it is. I could quite happily sit in that bed all day with a nice hot coffee and a book on a rainy January day like today! Instead I'm sat in my bed, writing this with a large glass of water in hand nursing a mighty new year hangover!

4. Fifty shades of Grey. Okay so the film was pants, but Christian Grey's hello! As soon as the film ended I was researching the products they used on set as I really wanted to get them into the penthouse apartment I was working on at the time that had a similar interior vibe. I have to say Brabbu really have some amazing pieces & I was lucky enough to use their products for the client! Here's a link to their website if you want some interior inspiration-

Also worth checking out is the virtual tour of Christian Grey's apartment-

5. Mamma mia. Look, I know everyone who knows me will be rolling their eyes. I love this film okay, you knew it was going to make it onto the list...and no, we didn't get married on this island just because we watched the film (we totally did,) Anyway just look at how rustic these rooms are...

I can't possibly fit ALL of my favourites onto one post, so let's say this is 'to be continued.' Or go and take a look at my Pinterest board to see what else will make the list...

Part two to follow next week. Stay tuned folks & thanks for reading to the end....or just looking at the pictures (I'd do the same!)

Happy New Year to all. Let's make 2017 a most excellent one,

Rachel xxx

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