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New Year, New Blog...well my first blog ever actually!

Well this past year has been a bit of a roller-coaster!!! This time last year I wouldn't have thought I'd have had the confidence to set up my own business, yet here I am! How did that happen? Don't get me wrong, its not been easy, and as a brand new business, in a world of so many interior businesses, I know I have a long road to travel before I can say I have a successful one, but I'm finally doing something that I'm passionate about & I'm willing to sacrifice an unfulfilling full time job to follow my heart.

So how did this all start? Well about seven years ago I started working for free in the evenings working on high end properties as a stylist, whilst doing my full time job as a sales assistant for a luxury interior brand. In the showroom I'd spend all my time on moving products around, styling & propping to get my fix, but it wasn't enough. I'd day dream about being an Interior Designer, shop owner, anything creative, on a full time basis. Fast forward a few years and I left my job for paid work as a freelance stylist, yesssss I was finally my own boss!!

Work was steady, and I had saved enough money to buy products, built my own little workshop/studio in the back garden and set up my first online shop...and that's how Number 54 Design Studio was born. Sounds easy but I've hit stumbling blocks along the way, missed out on days & nights out with friends & family, and my full time job is now learning about self promotion (I HATE DOING THIS PART,) SEO, marketing, social media? It's all new to me, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it as I have big plans for No.54 Design Studio. Each week I'll be sharing savvy tips and my favourite interior trends, along with anything I hope you'll all find helpful or interesting. If you would like me to feature anything in particular, send over an email and I will blog about it just for you! Happy New Year all, lets hope its healthy & prosperous!! Rachel xx

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